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There’s just something special about a Log Home.

Something that draws you in and says, “This just feels right.” Log homes are natural, comfortable, quiet and cozy. They lend themselves to almost any setting, growing in beauty and becoming a natural part of the landscape. If your dream is to own and live in a log home then you know where your heart belongs, and home is where the heart is.  Welcome Home. 

Before we get into who we are and why we do what we do, we would like to ask something of you. There are over 500 different log home companies from which to choose. We would like for you to check with as many different companies as you possibly can. Then talk with us last! Let us explain the difference. We can personally guarantee you a better home for less money!

Designing and building your own dream home can be rewarding, challenging, exciting and lots of fun. We are here to help you make your dreams come true, while minimizing the heartaches and headaches.  

There are literally thousands of styles and floor plans from which to choose. Browse the Internet and pick up plan books; select a style and floor plan you desire. Any style or floor plan can be built with logs. Bring in your rough sketch and pictures, we will be happy to assist you in developing your plan and budget. Making your dreams come true is what we are here to do.   

The unique thing about log homes (other than the people who want to live in one) are the different style logs and types of wood that are used. Four basic styles of logs are available from us. The most popular is an 8-inch lathe turned round log with a Swedish cope T&G with saddle notch corners. Our round logs are made from cypress and yellow pine. We are the only company east of the Mississippi that offers this log.

The 8” x 6” D-style log T & G is popular because it is the cheapest of all log styles. We are the only company that makes this style with dovetail corners.




The Appalachian style log 6” x 10 or 12 inch with dovetail corners is very popular in the Mountain areas. Chinking the joints is optional.

The most expensive is the hand hewn large log made from standing dead Lodge Pole Pine. It takes true craftsmen to build this type of home.  

Most log homes are built from white pine. It is plentiful, cheaper, lighter and easy to work with. For starter homes and cabins this is an excellent wood for the budget minded home buyer. 

Southern yellow pine is our choice to make round logs. It is the hardest of all soft woods, finishes beautifully and has better insect tolerance than white pine. 

Cypress is our first choice for building. It is a very stable, insect proof wood that finishes very nicely. Cypress is known as the “Eternal Wood.” The logs on our model are 6” x 10” Tidewater Red Cypress. The beams, decking trim and flooring are all made from cypress.   

Flooring, decking, bead board, paneling, siding and trim are manufactured by us.  You will save by purchasing from us. Our quality is second to none.


Fix it before it’s broke! 

Every week someone comes into our model and wants to know how to fix a problem. Most problems with log homes start from improper construction techniques. The biggest problem is not allowing for the settlement of the log walls. Even if your logs are kiln dried, your home should still have allowance for settlement.

 (Avoid any log home company that tells you their  houses don’t settle!)


The second problem is insufficient roof overhang. Overhangs and porches protect your log walls from the weather and save maintenance expense. 

Scientist claim, wood will last for centuries if it is kept dry and properly sealed. Proper care, preservation and maintenance are critical to the life of any home. There is no more maintenance to a log home if it is done correctly from the very beginning than there is with any other home. We recommend Permachink products for care and preservation. Permachink is the very best stain and sealer on the market today. 

More Value For Your Dollar! 

A properly constructed well-designed log home appreciates more than conventional homes. In most cases they can be built for less.  A do it yourselfer can easily build a nice home for under $65 per square foot.  Basic Turn-key homes will start at about $100 per square foot. $100 per square foot is a reasonable estimate to start with. Homes such as  our model run $135-$150 per square foot.  

A 3-bedroom 2-1/2 bath 1800 square foot home properly designed and built will cost about $250,000. The log package you choose does not affect the overall cost as much as the features such as flooring, cabinets, fireplaces, fixtures, windows and doors. Typically the log package is only 25-35% of  the total cost of your home.  

Log Homes are more energy efficient.  

Tests conducted by the National Bureau of Standards found that log homes are typically 35% more energy efficient than a conventional house. A well-built properly constructed log home is cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. The highest bill we had this past summer on our model (total electric) was only $149 in July.

 Financing your Home 

There are lenders in the your region who make construction and mortgage loans on log homes. You should have a lender pre-qualify you for a mortgage before you select a house plan. Check with lenders on the internet to help you pre-qualify. Once you decide on your budget we will assist you in choosing designing and building your dream home.

 How we work 

Choosing the right house plan for your lot is important. Our design services can help you select a plan that is right for you.   From the smallest cabin to the most elaborate custom home, we will work with you to design the dream home that fits your lot, your lifestyle and your budget.   


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Turn-Key, Dry-ins or Kits available !

Tidewater Red Cypress is by far the most superior wood to build a log home from. Cypress is known as the Eternal wood. Centuries from now your home will still be standing.

Turn-key services are available, we can start with the raw land and build from the ground up to a totally finished home, including the well, septic system, grading and driveways!


 The best way for you to receive the most value for your dollar is to purchase the log package for your plan and let us do the dry-in. A  dry-in consists of erecting the log walls, setting the beams and roof rafters, installing the 2nd floor system and decking the roof. Windows and doors can be set in place and the roof system installed. On average, a typical dry-in cost is about $45-$60 per square foot. Now you are half way home. Experienced  local contractors are available to do the finish work. A dry-in can be done anywhere. We have even done dry-ins in Japan. 

Our log homes are built and designed to get better with age! 

All log homes look good when they are first built. To see how well a home is constructed look at one that is 4-5 years old. It is very easy to see the difference then. We can show you some of ours that are 25 years old. 

The building inspectors loved our model. When we explained what we do and how we do it they were in awe. One inspector made the comment, “This is the best built log home I had ever seen.” That really made us feel good. Isn’t it nice to know your home will have the same quality? 

We will not compromise! 

Every home is designed for settlement! Every house must have at least 24 inches of roof overhang; but 30 inches is better. Every log is treated with TimBor (a non-toxic borate) which lasts forever if your home is properly sealed. TimBor will prevent any termites, beetles or woodborers from damaging your home. We highly suggest the use of Permachink stain with UV protectors. Permachink stains and sealers are available from us, saving you 5-10% off retail.

 A home Designed by us for you, engineered correctly and built properly is less expensive and of much higher quality than any other company can match. Doing things right the first time saves you thousands of dollars in the future. When you are sitting by the fire on a cold wintry night – You will be happy you chose us!


Contact:  Robin Parker 828-421-9891; or 

Jerry Wilkes 828-421-5505;

Creekside Log Homes

 Franklin, NC 28734


We also are building a Beautiful Brand New Log Home in Franklin, NC, which will be available for sale. Call for more information. 


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We offer: Design and plan services.

Kits, or Custom homes.

Dry-ins or Turnkey.

Home inspection for lenders and would be purchasers.

Restoration after evaluation.

Maintenance, staining and sealing.


Need PERMACHINK Products? Call Robin Parker: 828-421-9891 or Jerry Wilkes: 828-421-5505

Alex Boatwright pioneered building and manufacturing log homes in the southeast USA. Alex developed settlement systems to allow for log shrinkage before other companies knew wood would shrink. 35 years and 2000 homes later you can rest assured we have it figured out.














We offer Appalachian and 8" Round log styles, in Cypress or Pine; custom floor plan designing, the best price guarantee, and quality built to last a lifetime! 

Please email or call for more details! 

If you already have a floor plan, and land, then you are almost ready to build!



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